​There's so much involved. It's not just about checking grammar and punctuation - it's making sure that the book makes sense, is factually accurate, and is consistent and in accordance with the publisher's house style and production set up. But it's every bit as important to have the courage to ask the author to rethink a plotline or a character motivation if it doesn't follow, to suggest cuts if the book is repetitive or over-written, or even to ask them to have a look at a whole chapter. And I do just that (and I do it nicely). I leave no stone unturned - book editing is my favourite job.


As a writer you always think that the piece you've written is the best that it can be. This is the point where your editor steps in and, with rose coloured glasses set aside, sees your work as it really is.

I found the positive dialogue that I developed with Caroline - as she gently, but with great perspicacity analysed my novel - a tremendous help and support. I was helped to rethink dialogue, timelines, grammatical structuring, chapters, characters and, indeed, anything that could or would improve my work. She can spot a non-sequitur a mile off; the slightest sniff of anything out of a character's 'type' and she's on it!

Best of all, her knowledge of the English language in all its gorgeousness and peculiarities is second to none. I know without a doubt that any work she's given would be polished to reveal its absolute best.​ 

​Maria R, author of Finding Harriet


'I regularly commissioned Caroline for freelance projects as she is a thorough, efficient editor and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!'

Jen Newby, (Former) Commissioning Editor, Pen & Sword Books



Magazine articles, programmes, university theses, speeches, advertising copy - I check proofs quickly and accurately. 



From Mods and Rockers to Minadex tonic, from Mac Fisheries to Morris Minors - the 1940s, 50s and 60s - I'm passionate about nostalgia and writing about it. And I had plenty of opportunity to do so as Associate Editor/Head of Features of Yours magazine and Editor of Best of British magazine.

The Arts

With my theatrical background, I'm perfectly placed to write about theatre, radio, television, drama and films. 


Would you like to write for magazines? Would you like to see your name in print? Or are you thinking of writing your life story but don't know where to start? I run one day Non Fiction Creative Writing courses, covering everything from initial research, planning and writing to presenting the finished article in a professional way, so increasing your chances of being published. It's a fun and informative day which includes supporting notes and afternoon tea. Please email me to find out more.

Caroline High, Freelance Journalist. All rights reserved. 2020

Caroline High.Freelance Journalist. All rights reserved. 2020